Herbal Lore: Bay Leaves


Manifestation  Psychic Abilities • Protection 

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{ Manifestation }

Bay leaves are very useful for wishes & manifesting.
You will need:

{ Manifesting With Bay Leaves }

  1. Write your wishes onto dry bay leaves using a marker (a pen will probably tear the leaf).

  2. Close your eyes, hold the leaf and visualise the intentions before burning. 

  3. Then burn the leaves in a fireplace, cauldron or fire proof dish with a white candle.

  4. Alternatively, place the bay leaf on a charcoal disc, releasing the wish to the universe. 

  • The easiest way to light the charcoal disc is by holding it with charcoal tongs over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. Tongs are life changing!  

{ Wishes And The Moon }

A full moon is a time of full energy and high-impact results which makes it the perfect for attraction spells of any kind.

During a waning moon (when the moon is growing smaller in the sky) you can write down things that you want to banish and things that no longer serve you – bad habits, addictions, limiting beliefs or reducing an obstacle.

A dark moon (no moon is visible in the sky) is perfect for wishes of creativity and peace.

A new moon (day after a dark moon) is perfect for wishes of better health, new projects and new businesses.

A waxing moon (when the moon is growing larger in the sky) is perfect for wishes of growth and moving forward – money, prosperity, positive relationships, health, a new job. 

{ What Do You Do With The Ashes? }

Some people like to bury the ashes.

Others like to put the ashes on themselves, or carry them in a pouch or vial

Some people like to use the ashes for further spells, for example making Black Salt. So hang on to your ashes! 


{ Psychic Abilities }

Make a dream pillow with bay leaves and put under your pillow for psychic vision dreams.

An incense blend including bay leaves, or bay leaves added to any spell or potion will also enhance psychic ability. 


{ Protection }

  • Bay leaves are very useful for protection. 

Carry bay leaves with you for protection against negativity, misfortunes, evil spirits and negative magick.

Make spell bags of bay leaves and smoky quartz to place in the corners of your house/room for protection and to get rid of negativity.

Burn bay leaves in the area where illness has been to purify and get rid of any residual sickness vibrations.

Put bay leaves in herbal tea or in cooking, this is particularly good for empaths as it protects your energy. Why not use a cauldron style teapot

For a spiritual cleaning of your house, crumble a handful of bay leaves and place them on the floor. Sweep them with your broomstick from one end of the house to the front door, including all corners, and sweep them out. 

  • Light a bay leaf as you would incense or smoke cleansing sticks and let the smoke fill the air. The vapours are good for stress relief, improving insomnia and has a tranquilizing effect of the mind and spirit.




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      • I cannot tell you how much I learn from your blogs,AND I’m 66! My maternal grandmother was strega nana, and I learned much from her, but let it go during youth, then came back to all of it!Thank you for sharing your wisdom (whic is the meaning of witch,as you know)🙅


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