Black Salt


Protection  Banishment • Hexes 

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{ What Is Black Salt Used For? }

Black salt is an inexpensive and very powerful way to protect yourself from all kinds of negativity and psychic attacks.  

Use black salt for:

  • Getting rid of all kinds of negativity (energy, feelings, bad vibrations)
  • Protection from all kind of negativity and psychic attacks
  • Banishment
  • Breaking hexes
  • Hexing & cursing  

{ Ingredients & Equipment }

Black salt is made with ingredients you will definitely have around the house.

Use a combination of:

  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Ashes -  from fireplace, ritual fire, herbs, sage, BBQ, incense
  • Scrapings from a cauldron or pot
  • Activated black charcoal - this will give the black salt a really good black colour (optional) 
  • Charcoal discs - for burning incense (optional) 


        Some people use a 2:1 (salt : everything else) ratio. Some people prefer to use their own intuition to make up a mix that suits them.

        Specific herbs can be burnt in a cauldron, and use the ashy remains to make black salt, e.g. protective herbs for protection black salt. 

        • Start saving your incense ashes! These are packed with your own energy and are very powerful to use in black salt. 

        { How To Make Black Salt }

        • There are many different ways to make your black salt. Just go with what feels right to you. 

        Grinding in a mortar & pestle is the most ideal way. This not only ensures your ingredients are blended, but the act of grinding by hand is how you infuse your energy and intention into your black salt.

        Grind slowly and with intention

        • Some people like to grind everything except the salt together first, and then add the salt slowly.
        • Others like to add the ingredients in measured amounts. 
        • Another option is to mix the ingredients without incense ashes, and once the black salt has been ground, using it as a bed to burn a cone of incense. Once the cone of incense has burned out, mix the ashes into the black salt. 

          Store the black salt in a jar (preferably glass).


            { How To Use Your Black Salt }

            Now that you have your glass jar full of beautiful hand made black salt, what can you do with it? 

            There are many, many uses for black salt:

            Bath: Add a spoonful or two to a bath (to get rid of any negative emotions you are feeling – be sure to cleanse the bath afterwards to get rid of the negative energy).

            Floor Wash or Sweep: Add a spoonful or two to a bucket when cleaning floors (to absorb any negative energy particular after an argument or illness, when you are feeling depressed or angry, and to raise the vibration of your home) add black salt around the perimeter of your house/work space/room/property (for protection against unwanted visitors, theft and negativity). You could also sweep with a broomstick

            Pillow: Add to a fabric bag or dish and put beside your bed/under your pillow (to help with nightmares and night terrors).

            Work: Add to a spell bag, and place under your desk at work (to keep away bullies or co-workers with a negative attitude).

            Windows / Door: Put it on a windowsill and along a door (to protect from evil, jealousy and people who wish you harm, psychic attacks).

            People: Sprinkled in the footprints of someone who is bothering you (to make them leave you alone).


            Hexes: Black Salt can be used in cursing and hexing but that is up to you if the is line with your personal beliefs.

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