Tool Lore: Cauldrons


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{ Folklore }

Cauldrons have been used by witches for centuries and are considered an essential part of a witchy tool kit. Cast iron cauldrons are a good replacement for a traditional hearth or fireplace. 

{ What Is A Cauldron Used For? }

Cauldrons are used for many purposes, including: 

  • Making brews
  • Making potions
  • Making infusions
  • Cooking food
  • A fire-safe pot for spells involving fire
  • A fire-safe pot for burning sage, loose incense and palo santo
  • Scrying over water
  • Rituals and circles, for example a bay leaf burning ritual
  • Or simply a nice storage for herbs and whatnot  


Use the scrapings from the sides of your cauldron and it's herbal ash to make Black Salt.

{ Want to know more? }

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Let's have some fun. Here are some spells and rituals that use a cauldron. 

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