Crystal Lore: Chrysocolla


Calming • Wisdom • Communication

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{ Folklore } 

Cleopatra was said to have worn chrysocolla because of its calming and feminine energies. 


{ Calming }

Chrysocolla has a peaceful, supportive, soothing and calming energy, perfect for when you are stressed, feeling overwhelmed, or generally making some changes in your life and feeling that anxiety that seems to arise. Pick up chrysocolla when you need to chill out and de-stress. Hold it while you meditate. 

{ Wisdom }

Chrysocolla is a stone of knowledge and wisdom, and was actually referred to in ancient Egypt as "the wise stone". It helps you find balance in your life, as well as finding solutions or compromises in various situations. If you have been feeling too many emotions lately, try using a journal as a "brain dump" - get all those thoughts out of your head. Use the wisdom of chrysocolla to work out what can be disregarded, what needs your attention and what can be reassigned to another person or time.

  • Try: Like the wise women before us, try carrying chrysocolla in a drawstring pouch. This allows you to be able to share your knowledge and experience to others.

{ Communication }

With its green and blue colours, chrysocolla connects to the heart and throat chakras, so it is wonderful for all sorts of communication - self expression, clear and thoughtful communication between people, as well as inner strength and courage. It helps you speak from the heart, which encourages honest communication for healing and moving past issues. 

  • Try: Wear chrysocolla in a necklace or bracelet to enhance communication and to help strengthen your relationship.  


{ Spellwork }

Chrysocolla is great for any spells involving:
  • creativity
  • feminine energies
  • love
  • communication
  • wisdom, peace
  • stress
  • knowledge
  • meditation
  • Try: Keep some chrysocolla in a family room space for enhancing harmony and happiness. 

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