Clove Money Spell


Prosperity  Balance • Security 

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{ Folklore }

Cloves have long been used for prosperity spell work, in mojo / charm bags, incense or added to enhance money spells.

Here is a ongoing spell that you do daily for financial balance. You can do this spell daily until you fill up the jar. Or you could do this in sets of seven days. 

  • Alternatively, you could do this from New Moon to Full Moon. As the moon grows larger, so does our abundance. 

{ Required }

  • A jar of cloves with a lid - will be referred to as "Clove Jar". 
  • A clear jar with lid - will be referred to as "Spell Jar". 

{ Method }

  1. Shake the Clove Jar seven times. 
  2. Say “Cloves, cloves, money bringer, bring gain not loss into my life” seven times. 
  3. Take two cloves from the Clove Jar and put them in the Spell Jar. 
  4. Take one clove out of the Spell Jar and put it back in the Clove Jar. 
  5. Shake the Spell Jar seven times. 
  6. Say “One loss, two gain, and so fortunes begin to rise again”. 
  7. Close both jars and put the Spell Jar with the single clove somewhere where light will shine on it (for example, a windowsill). 


The next day:
  1. On the next day, do the exact same thing, but put three cloves into the Spell Jar, and then take two cloves back out and put back into the Clove Jar. 
  2. Adapt your words to suit the numbers.
  3. On the next day, you will add four cloves and remove three, etc etc. 
  4. At the end of the spell, discard the used cloves outside. Save one in the Spell Jar for the next time you do the spell, or begin again the next day.
  • Try: to keep track of the number of cloves you could make a dot on the jar each day. 


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