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{ Folklore }

The name “Clove” comes from the French word for nail, since the whole clove resembles a primitive form of nail.

{ Evil Eye }

Cloves have traditionally been used in rituals to determine whether an illness is derived from the Evil Eye or malevolent sources. There are various rituals and steps involved but basically a pin is stuck into cloves and burned over a flame.

  • If a clove pops it is an indication that the Evil Eye / malevolent sources are involved. If the popping makes the person flinch, then the involuntary action indicates the hex/spell has been broken.
  • If the cloves don’t pop, then the source of illness was conventional. 


    { Banishment }

    Cloves are great for banishment rituals and spells. 

    Clove Maracas: to banish unwanted paranormal activity, use Clove Maracas. Clove maracas can be made using whole cloves and fennel – both potent banishment herbs. Use mailing tubes or make small tubes using cardboard and decorate (toilet rolls or kitchen rolls are good!). 

    • Fill them each with 1 tablespoon whole clove, 1 tablespoon fennel seeds, and enough uncooked rice to fill the tube one third. 

    Shake the maracas rhythmically in areas needed. 


    { Love }

    Cloves have long been used in love spells and added to love spell bags:

    • To attract a partner
    • To reignite passion between existing lovers
    • Reunite couples in crisis
    • Used as an aphrodisiac

    Body Odour: cloves were once used to mask the scent of body odour, which made those who carried cloves more attractive to others.

    Clove & Orange Love Spell: It is said that pushing 20 cloves into an orange will bring love, as well as assist you through a grieving period.

    Baking: use cloves in baking, or add to chai (spiced tea), mulled wine, or apple cider to use as an aphrodisiac.


    { Protection }

    Cloves are powerful for protection and can be used in many ways to increase your strength and protect your aura to face any kind of conflict - both spiritual and emotional. 

    Bath: bathing in cloves is the most potent form (see below), but since clove can be quite irritating to sensitive skin, there are alternatives.

    Hair: use clove bud essential oil to rub into hair.

    Washing: use a few drops of essential oil to your washing machine.

    Incense: another good way is to grind some cloves into a powder, using a mortar & pestle and burn on charcoal discs and use the smoke to fumigate your body, hair, clothing and house.

    Babies: for protection of babies, pierce cloves with holes, thread red string through the holes and hand them on the wall near the baby’s bed. 

    Gossip: this is particularly good for protection against harmful gossip, and for raising the vibration of a space and your personal energy. Another way to stop gossip is to stick cloves into a red candle and burn.



    { Protective Clove Bath }

    To make a Protective Clove Bath:

    • Grind half a teaspoon of whole cloves into a powder with a mortar & pestle.
    • If you know you have very sensitive skin - don’t have a clove bath. 
    • If you have slightly sensitive skin and want to still try a bath - leave the cloves whole. 
    • Pour 2 cups of boiling water into a jug with the powdered clove, and let it steep until cool. 
    • Add the entire 2 cups to a bath. 

    Immerse yourself completely 3 times (be careful of your eyes).




    { Spellwork }

    Great for any spells involving:

    • love
    • lust
    • keeping friends close
    • protection
    • money & prosperity
    • to stop gambling
    • dignity, exorcism
    • banishment
    • diagnostic spells (to see if an illness is derived from magical or conventional sources)
    • spiritual protection
    • attracting good fortune
    • inspiration
    • enhancing psychic powers
    • astral travel

    Use in a tea or in incense for psychic enhancement.

    Social Gatherings: cloves are great for social gatherings, try using them in mulled wine or cider – the fragrance will lift the atmosphere, enhance kinship, and bring people closer.

    Sleep Pouch: used in a drawstring pouch with mint and rose petals, it is great for melancholy and a good sleep.




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