Coffee Correspondences


Banishing • Grounding • Protection 

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{ Coffee in Spellwork }

Coffee can be used in spells for:
  • banishing - dispelling nightmares, paranormal activity, negative thoughts / energy, internal blockages
  • protection
  • purification
  • curse breaking
  • cancelling effects of negative workings against you
  • grounding
  • peace of mind
  • psychic replenishment / empowerment
  • working harder / motivation
  • creativity.


{ Spell Accelerator }

  • Coffee acts as an accelerator when added to any spell. 

I like to keep a small vial of hand ground coffee with my herbs and spice jars, ground in a mortar & pestle. You only need small jar, and top it up with fresh grounds as needed. 


    • This is handy for adding a pinch to spell bags, spell jars, spell bowls, basically anything that needs faster results. 

    { Want to know more? }

    Here are some links for some blogs to visit. Let's have some fun. Here are some spells and rituals that use our witchy coffee.

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    Here are some links for some of the products mentioned. 







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