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{ What Is A Coffee Scrub? }

A coffee scrub is literally a scrub made with coffee grounds! I love finding ways to use old coffee grounds, and as someone who drinks a lot of coffee, there's always a lot to use! I like to dry the grounds first, to stop mold growing - you can spread the grounds on a tray and dry in the sun. 

  • You can use this coffee scrub as a full body treat, a hand scrub, a foot scrub, or a gift.

{ Ingredients }

  • 1 cup old coffee grounds
  • 1 cup sugar or salt
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (or substitution) 

{ Witchy Optionals }

Why not add a little bit of witchiness to your scrub? Grinding whole spices in a mortar & pestle will add extra intention to your scrub. Focus on your intention as you grind. 

  • Salt is obviously good for protection, cleansing, purifying and absorbing negative and unwanted energy.
  • Cinnamon smells amazing in this scrub, and adds protection, prosperity, love, and protection.
  • Add nutmeg for prosperity, psychic abilities and luck.
  • Cloves are good for protection, love and banishing. 
  • Allspice is great for healing, prosperity and luck. 
  • Ginger is great for love, prosperity, courage and magickal energy 
  • Sandalwood is great for all things spiritual - meditation, divination 
  • Rosemary is great for love, all things psychic - meditation, divination
  • Peppermint is great for focus and meditation 


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