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/hexen: witches

/lore: accumulated knowledge and tradition passed from generation to generation 

- we give thanks to the witches before us -

Make yourself a coffee, get comfy, and let's get witchy!

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Absent Healing

Black Salt


Clove Money Spell

Coffee Correspondences

Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrying

Crossroads Dirt

Crystal Elixirs

Crystal Lore: Amethyst

Crystal Lore: Black Onyx

Crystal Lore: Black Tourmaline

Crystal Lore: Chrysocolla

Crystal Lore: Green Aventurine

Crystal Lore: Grounding Crystals

Crystal Lore: Healing Crystals

Crystal Lore: Plant Crystals

Crystal Lore: Protection Crystals

Crystal Lore: Red Jasper

Crystal Lore: Rhodonite

Crystal Lore: Tiger's Eye

Crystal Lore: Titanium Quartz

Dream Pouch

Elements Altar

Fire Cider

Four Thieves Vinegar

Gratitude Offering

Herbal Hair Rinse

Herbal Lore: Bay Leaves

Herbal Lore: Cloves

Herbal Lore: Damiana

Herbal Lore: Garlic

Herbal Lore: Mugwort

Herbal Lore: Plant Crystals

Herbal Lore: Rosemary

Herbal Lore: Rue

Herbal Lore: Sage

Herbal Lore: Thyme

Herbal Lore: Yerba Mate

Intention Setting with Coffee (Attraction)

Intention Setting with Coffee (Banishing)

Love Spell Bag

Make Your Own Cards

Mercury Retrograde

Moon Phases: Full Moon

Nightmare Banishing With Coffee

Obstacle Breaker

Prosperity Coffee

Psychic Energy Tea

Psychic Replenishment

Salt Clearing Ritual


Samhain: Lamb's Wool

Self Love Incense

Spell Accelerating With Coffee

Spell Bags


Tool Lore: Cauldrons

Tool Lore: Grimoire

Tool Lore: Incense

Tool Lore: Mortar & Pestles

Tool Lore: Pendulums

Tool Lore: Resins

Travel Altar

Travel Pouch

Yellow Flower Money Spell




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