Crossroads Dirt


Transformation  Opportunity • Protection 

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{ What Are Crossroads? }

The crossroads is where different roads meet and separate, the place between two worlds. The crossroads represent opportunity, transformation, change in destiny, unpredictability, changing directions, choices. It is a kind of no man’s land where multiply forces converge – the energy is expanded.


{ What Is Crossroads Dirt? } 

Basically, crossroads dirt is dirt taken from the crossroads. 

Many spells will require dirt (or stones) from the crossroads, or something to be buried at the crossroads (where the energy is safely dispersed), or even that the spell be cast at the crossroads. Because the crossroads are a neutral place, the dirt is considered neutral too. 

When you collect crossroads dirt for spellwork, it contains the energy of the crossroads - decision making, road opening, luck, success and opportunity. 


{ How Do You Collect Crossroads Dirt? }

Collect the crossroads dirt from all corners or sides where the roads intersect - so collect from 3 places if there are 3 roads merging or 4 places if there are 4 roads merging. 

Place in a glass jar. 

  • It is always a good idea to leave some coins, food, or something else as payment for the dirt.

{ What Can You Do With Crossroads Dirt? }


  • To banish someone: blend crossroads dirt with sulphur and make sure the person steps on it. 
  • Home protection: sprinkle crossroads dirt in pot plants around the house. 
  • Added to Black Salt: increases the potency of black salt. 


Luck & Opportunity 

  • Money spell bag: make a spell bag with crossroads dirt and dirt from a market. 
  • Job Seeking: put crossroads dirt in your shoe. 


Removing Obstacles 

  • Sunday Night Bath: sprinkle some crossroads dirt in your bath to remove obstacles for the week. 
  • Any Obstacles: sprinkle crossroads dirt on any obstacles that arise, or add to any spell that deals with the obstacle. 
Try: it's a good idea to make small ready to use jars on your altar and for your travel altar so you can use wherever you are. 



{ Spellwork }

Crossroad dirt collected and brought home can be used in spells involving:
  • Road openings
  • Changing luck
  • Changing the direction of a situation (relationships, workplace etc)
  • Protection
  • Banishing
  • Blessings
  • Hexes
  • Opportunity 
  • Removing obstacles 



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