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Vibration • Energy • Healing 

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A Crystal Elixir is water that contains the energy of a particular crystal or crystals. The vibrations of the crystal then interacts with our own energy field. This can be done directly – by placing the crystal into water, or indirectly – by placing the crystal near the water. Crystal Elixirs keep their energy for only 1-2 days. 


Do some research before making elixirs. There are many crystals which are not suitable for a direct method. 

  • Some tumbled stones are covered in a lacquer which can get into the water.
  • Some raw crystals can contain toxic or carcinogenic substances, dust particles or small bits of crystal that can break off.
  • Some crystals like selenite are water soluble so should never be put into water.

An indirect elixir is more suitable in these cases (see below).

In addition:

  • Always wash suitable crystals.
  • Always cover the water or use a lid. 
  • Always use a clear glass jars or bottles.


Elixirs can be created for any intention - healing, protection, love, cleansing, prosperity etc. Choose a crystal that corresponds with your intention. You can use more than one at a time. 

Some popular choices include:

  • Rose quartz: love, self love, forgiveness
  • Clear quartz: energy, positivity, clear thinking 
  • Amethyst: creativity, psychic abilities, good for before sleep to promote dreaming
  • Smokey quartz: grounding, anxiety, protection 
  • Black obsidian: protection, inner power, awareness
  • Blue lace agate: calm, spirituality, peace 
  • Jade: peace, open heart, dreams, luck



Always have an intention in mind and program your crystals with this intention.

You can also write your intention on paper and place under the bottle or bowl.


Here are some guidelines for using the direct method to make a Crystal Elixir.
  • The crystals are placed directly inside the jar or bottle. 
  • Use well-washed, round tumbled crystals.
  • On average – one crystal the size of an average coin is suitable for a glass of water.
  • A couple of hours is usually enough for a drinking elixir.
  • You can charge under the sun, charge under the moon, or use any other timings you wish.

A Full Moon is ideal for making crystal elixirs as you can get both the Full Moon and sun energies.


Here are some guidelines for using the indirect method to make a Crystal Elixir.

  • Put a small bowl inside a bigger bowl
  • Put the crystals in the small bowl. 
  • Put water in the bigger bowl.

This way the crystals never touch the water.


Crystal Elixirs have many uses:

  • Drinking
  • Ritual baths
  • Room sprays (perhaps with some corresponding essential oil that matches the intention of the elixir added)
  • All sorts of spell work
  • Used to clean tools
  • Cleanse spaces
  • Bless altars
  • Scrying
  • Moon elixirs charged under a particular moon phase can be used in spells that can’t be performed during the correct phase needed

Personally I love a Clear Quartz Elixir – it is said to be good for energy and stamina, especially those times when you feel like you have too many things on your to do list or feeling very lethargic. Make a glass of Clear Quartz Elixir when you feel like you need some energy. Clear Quartz boosts energy levels and promotes optimistic thoughts, clear thinking and spiritual awareness.

Place a tumbled piece of Clear Quartz in a glass of water for 30 minutes.

Alternatively, place Clear Quartz in water from first light until midday for an extra boost




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