Crystal Lore: Amethyst


Sleep • Psychic Abilities • Crown Chakra 

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{ Folklore }

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and intoxication, was interested in a mortal woman named Amethystas. She was not interested in Dionysus, wanting to keep her chastity, and so the goddess Artemis turned her into a block of quartz to protect her. Dionysus wept tears of wine over Amethystas, turning the quartz purple.

An alternative story is that Dionysus had a hangover and took his anger out on the first person who crossed his path (of course this was a nymph named Amethyst). Amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “not drunken” and is considered a stone of sobriety.

Night out: wear amethyst on a night out (or keep a piece in your pocket, purse or drawstring pouch) to help keep your dignity and a level head while drinking. Or for those who are sober, keep a piece close to you as an empowerment talisman.

Because amethyst is associated with sobriety, it is said that rubbing a hot amethyst over your head and neck will help a hangover headache.

  • Immerse an amethyst in moderately hot water for 7 minutes – be careful not to burn yourself – and pat dry.

{ Sleep }

Amethyst is helpful for getting a good night’s sleep, especially for people with jet lag, shift workers, parents with young children, or anyone who struggles with sleep. Amethyst helps keep the pineal gland functioning optimally, secreting the hormone melatonin which regulates our internal body clock.

  • Place a tumbled piece of amethyst in your pillowcase or a drawstring pouch.

  • You can also place 4 pieces of amethyst in the 4 corners of your bedroom, or at the 4 corners of your bed. This will help babies feel more secure and sleep better at night too.

 Amethyst is used as a “worry stone” for when you find yourself unable to sleep with worries at night. Before you go to bed, tell your worries to your worry stone, cleanse with water and place inside your pillowcase.

Amethyst is a stone for enhancing abilities, and as such, often your dreams will show solutions to problems.

  • Pay attention to your dreams and write in your dream Journal. Go back periodically - you may find clarification on issues and solutions to situations. 

{ Psychic Abilities }

Amethyst blocks negative environmental energies and has strong healing and cleansing powers and enhances spiritual awareness. Amethyst helps soothe and quieten the mind, to help you find peace in silence. It enhances psychic abilities and supports the pursuit of spiritual wisdom. It calms or stimulates as needed
  • If you whisper a question to a piece of amethyst, the answer will come to you when you are ready.
  • Place a piece of amethyst placed in the centre of the brow during meditation to aid visualisation. 
  • Keep a piece of amethyst with your divination tools (tarot cards, runes, pendulum) to increase your abilities, spiritual wisdom and understanding of their messages. 

{ Crown Chakra }

Amethyst helps keep your crown chakra balancedTo re-balance, meditate with a piece of amethyst at the top of your head.

You know if you're crown chakra is unbalanced if you find yourself low in:

  • empathy for others
  • creativity
  • optimism
  • imagination
  • a strong spirituality

{ Spellwork & Rituals }

Amethyst is great for any spells involving:
  • love
  • healing
  • psychic abilities
  • protection
  • creativity
  • addictions
  • fears

Divination: Amethyst is also great for scrying, pendulum work and for using as wand tips in healing. This pendulum bracelet is great for on-the-go scrying.


Recharge: unpolished amethyst can be used to recharge other crystals.

Protection: wearing amethyst protects against ill-wishing, psychic attacks or paranormal harm – transmuting the negative energy into love.

Amethyst Crystal Elixir: make an Amethyst Crystal Elixir by soaking a clean stone in drinking water for a few hours – this will help keep you calm and blissful (especially in the workplace) and increases your creativity and psychic abilities.

For a Peace and Tranquillity Elixir: use Blue Lace Agate with amethyst and jade

For an Emotional Healing Elixir: use Blue Lace Agate with rose quartz and amethyst

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