Crystal Lore: Black Onyx


Attraction • Old Wound Healing • Protection

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{ Folklore }

While Aphrodite was sleeping, Eros cut her fingernails off with an arrow and scattered them on the sand. Fates turned the nails into stone to prevent them from rotting. 

  • Onyx comes from the Greek word for fingernails “onux” and holding Black Onyx is said to be good for preventing nail biting. 

{ Attraction }

Black onyx is great for attraction and manifesting. It has a magnetic energy and draws to you what you need. 

Write down what you want on a piece of paper. Place the paper, a white candle and any supporting crystals (what do you want to attract?) in the middle of a crystal grid with 8 clear quartz points pointing towards the middle. Light the candle and visualise what you want coming to you. 

  • It is traditional to breathe on a tumbled black onyx three times and fill it with your wishes.



{ Old Wound Healing }

Black onyx is surprisingly good for old wound, old grief, and past life healing. It holds onto the memories of things that have happened to the wearer, so it can be used for psychometry (object reading) as it can tell a story to someone who can read the vibrations. Black Onyx helps absorb the healing energies from the universe. 
  • Try: use black onyx worry stones or tumbled stones when dealing and healing from past grief. Tell your stone what old wounds need to be let go. 

{ Protection }

Black Onyx protects against a whole range of things:

  • the unseen
  • passive, secretive and psychic energies
  • people who play mind games
  • people who are consciously directing negativity towards you
  • and from the fast pace and pollution of modern living


It is a good boundary crystal, and psychic vampires can feel uncomfortable being near you if you wear black onyx.

  • Try: keep a piece of black onyx in your pocket or in a drawstring bag when walking at night

  • Try: hang a drawstring bag with black onyx in your car for safer driving at night. 

    { Home Protection }

    Use black onyx around the home for protection. 


    Place a piece of charged black onyx in a pot with Ivy and a white candle by your front door. 

    Place a black onyx at each window to protect against pollution if you live in a city.

    Put a piece of black onyx in your pet’s sleeping area to protect them at night (obviously be wary of them accidentally / purposely eating).

    Make a bed hanging which includes black onyx and hang it over your bed for protection against bad dreams.


    { Defensive Spell }

    This defensive spell can be used to protect against:

    • people who are consciously directly negativity towards you
    • particular things in your life that you want to banish
    • particularly things you need protection from e.g. cheating, betrayal, lying, theft
    1. Place a mirror on your altar with a purple candle in front of it, so that you would be able to see the wick reflected in the mirror.
    2. Empower nine pieces of black onyx with defensive (or reflective) energy.
    3. Place them in a semi-circle around the purple candle, starting from the right to the left.
    4. Light the candle, and visualise the negativity being drawn from the crystals to the flame and then through the mirror, back to where it came from.
    5. This can be repeated for 7 days or until the candle is finished. 


    { Spellwork }

    Black onyx is great for any spells involving:
    • protection
    • revealing unseen enemies
    • binding
    • banishing
    • attraction
    • negativity.


    Difficult Times Spell Bag: make a charm bag including black onyx, unakite and sunstone will make a handy mojo bag for difficult times. 





    Wear black onyx daily for protection, for grounding energy, to calm nerves, and for a more positive outlook

    Each night put it in a pot plant to cleanse as it (like all black crystals) absorbs low vibrational energies that causes imbalance and negativity and needs regular cleansing. 

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