Crystal Lore: Green Aventurine


Luck • Prosperity • Creativity 

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{ Folklore }

The name “aventurine” comes from the Italian “a ventura” which means “by chance”. 

{ Luck }

Green Aventurine is a stone of chance and luck, known as the “Gambler’s Stone”. it encourages you to seize favourable opportunities that come your way, especially when you need to take a risk. 

  • Always carry green aventurine when you need luck or are taking a chance (competitions, buying lottery tickets, playing poker).

It can help when you have decisions to make between something secure and something more risky. It brings luck to job interviews and business meetings.

  •  Keep a piece in your pocket, wear it, or make a charm bag to draw luck into your energy field.
  • For an enhancement, put a four leaf clover in there too (or something else that represents luck to you). 

{ Prosperity }

Green Aventurine is great to have around when you are on a budget, trying to save money, or trying to increase the amount of money coming to you. It helps you spend your money wisely, as well as open up new sources of income. It is often the go-to crystal for prosperity and abundance rituals and spells. 

Green aventurine is great in prosperity crystal grids.

  • Try: place a money note on your altar or sacred space. Surround the note with four green aventurine on each side. You could put a citrine or pyrite on top of the note. I like to place four clear quartz points around the note too to amplify the intention. 

It is said that wearing green aventurine on your body will attract prosperity. 

{ Creativity }

Green aventurine inspires new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways to progress in projects and paths. Wear a stone when you need help to manifest an idea or creative endeavour.

Keep a stone in your child’s pencil case or on your desk at work (preferably on your receptive hand’s side) to inspire creative thinking, imagination and to comprehend new concepts. 

  • Your receptive hand is the hand which receives energy – most righthanded people would use their left hand as their receptive hand.

  • The other hand is known as the projective hand - it sends energy.

{ Spellwork }

Green aventurine is great for any spells involving:
  • money & prosperity
  • career
  • luck
  • creativity
  • manifestation
  • sport
  • leadership
  • heart healing
  • fertility
  • wishes
  • healing
  • confidence


Green Aventurine is great for defusing negative situations and turning them around, particularly when you are feeling stressed and anxious.

  • Place a stone (a worry stone us perfect!) in the soil of a pot plant overnight. Hold it or meditate with it the next day to replace stress and anxiety with hope and more positive feelings.

It is said that green aventurine is favoured by the fairies.

  • Place 3 stones in a dish with a garden gnome or fairy statue to attract good luck to you household. 

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