Crystal Lore: Grounding Crystals


Smokey Quartz • Hematite • Red Jasper 

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{ What Is Grounding? }

Grounding is about being centred, balanced and connected to the Earth’s energy. Grounding helps us stay cool, calm and collected no matter what is happening around us. It balances the root chakra, helps us make better decisions and own our own power.

{ How Can You Tell If You Are Not Grounded? }

If you feel panicked, anxious, cranky or unable to focus, you might need help with grounding.

Here are 3 crystals that can help you with grounding. As always, cleanse, connect and program your crystals for the intended purpose.

  • Make a grounding crystals pouch. Get to know each one and experiment using them in different situations. They all work on specific areas of grounding, and everyone is different. 

{ Smokey Quartz }

Smokey Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding and anchoring crystals.

Here's how to use smokey quartz

Spiritual Work: hold smokey quartz after any spiritual work to ground yourself (astral travel, meditation, healing).

Daily Demands: wear smokey quartz near the centre of your body, or carry in your pocket, to help ground you in stay grounded while facing daily demands (appointments, paying bills, focusing on the top priorities for the day).

Sleep: smokey quartz aids relaxation and also sleep – include a piece in a wall hanging near your bed, or in your pillow case.

Spell Bag: to make a grounding charm bag, use a piece of smokey quartz, a piece of copper, and a paper packet filled with salt, and wear / carry with you.

{ Hematite }

Hematite has a very serious grounding energy.

Here's how to use hematite

Ignoring Outside Influences: keep it in your pocket, or wear it, to stay focused and committed to your own path, avoiding distraction and ignoring peer pressure, bullying and manipulation.

Spiritual Work: it is particularly good to use during astral projection work, protecting and grounding you back to your body.

Crystal Energy: hematite can help ground you when you feel overwhelmed by the energy of many crystals.

New Relationships: wear a piece of hematite at the beginning of new relationships to avoid rushing in too fast, to keep a level head, and not to overreact to small issues.


{ Red Jasper }

Red Jasper grounds you in an uplifting and positively energising way, but also with security and protection.

Here's how to use red jasper

Emotions: keep a piece in your pocket to ease distressing thoughts and emotions and stop you feeling flustered.

Worry Stone: Red Jasper can be used as a “worry stone” – tell a piece your worries, and then leave it on the earth to cleanse overnight.

Grounding Oil: make a grounding oil with a piece of Red Jasper and a few drops of cedar essential oil in a carrier oil. Leave for at least an hour and then anoint yourself.

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