Crystal Lore: Healing Crystals


Selenite • Turquoise • Clear Quartz 

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{ What Are Healing Crystals? }

These are crystals which are great to use for healing purposes  - for a number of reasons. There will be a part 2 to this series so look out for that. 

  • Try: you can use these crystals during mediation if that suits you. Otherwise, try keeping them in a crystal drawstring pouch, your pocket, bra or worn as jewelry

{ Selenite }

Selenite is a good stone for aligning your chakras – it constantly works on and strengthens your aura. It clears your energy field and raises your vibration. 

    • Try: Selenite wands are great for healing - they can be pointed at or placed on areas that have inflammation or blockages (physical, mental or spiritual).



    { Turquoise }

    Turquoise surrounds the body with a healing bubble of protection, reducing energy blocks that stop the flow of healing energy around the body. Wearing Turquoise will help you attract what you need to return to a state of well being. It strengthens the meridians of the body and subtle energy fields. 


    • Try:  for healing while asleep, a bag of lavender and turquoise under your pillow will provide a restorative sleep.

    { Clear Quartz }

    Clear quartz is known as a Master Healer as it absorbs energy from nature and the energy is released as an automatic ongoing cleansing and healing into your aura field. It can heal the body as it is directed or in absent healing. When you hold a Clear quartz in your hand, your biomagnetic field doubles. 


    • Try: wear, carry or add clear quartz to your water for overall healing benefits. 

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