Crystal Lore: Plant Crystals


Clear Quartz • Malachite • Moss Agate 

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{ What Are Plant Crystals? }

Plant Crystals are simply crystals you can place in pot plants or in the garden with your plants to help them grow, to protect them and to keep them happy! 

Here are a few helpful Plant Crystals, especially for the Green Witch.

  • Try: As always, cleanse, connect and program your crystals for the intended purpose.

{ Clear Quartz }

Use broken pieces of clear quartz in pot plants. It is fairly cheap to buy, so it is a good choice for when you have a lot of pot plants.

Grounding: plants love the clear quartz energy in the soil with them, it is very grounding for them (you can bury the pieces deep, but if you want them on top to see them that is fine too).

Produce: eating crystal-energised produce is very nice too! 
    • Try: Clear quartz can be programmed to help a plant that is not flourishing – place near, bury it near the roots, or tie to a branch to help a specific problem.  

    { Malachite }

    Ancient Egyptians associated malachite with vegetation, agriculture and healthy crops.

    Electromagnetic Fields: Malachite protects plants from electromagnetic fields.

    Note: Raw malachite is toxic so please research first! 

    • Try: place malachite in your garden to encourage growth and abundance.

    { Moss Agate }

    Moss agate is known as the “gardener’s stone” as it said to help you to connect with plants and trees.

    Pot Plants: place moss agate stones in with your potted plants or in the garden to enhance growth.

    Wear: wear moss agate when you plant fruits, vegetables and herbs to ensure a good crop.

    Crystal Grid: make a crystal grid around your garden area to increase abundance.

    • Try: it is said that wearing moss agate while food shopping will give you guidance on what to buy! 

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