Crystal Lore: Protection Crystals


Smokey Quartz • Black Onyx • Black Tourmaline 

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{ What Are Protection Crystals? }

These are crystals which are great to keep with you for protection - for a number of reasons. There will be a part 2 to this series so look out for that. 

{ Smokey Quartz }

Smokey quartz is good for absorbing all kinds of negativity:

  • sorrows
  • misfortunes
  • tension
  • stress
  • low vibrational energies - jealousy, anger, fear

It is good to wear daily, or in the workplace – place a piece on your desk to absorb any deliberate or residual negativity floating around.

It is good to wear or keep in the workplace as it is said to be good protection against theft and damage. 

Keep a piece in your handbag for protection against theft, or wherever you have your personal possessions. 


Smokey quartz blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog too. Place a piece next to your computer or laptop. 

For protection against paranormal activity, place a piece of smokey quartz with a crucifix and white candle.

For protection against nightmares, make a dream catcher with smokey quartz pieces (amethyst can be included too). 


{ Black Onyx }

Black onyx protects against a whole range of things:
  • the unseen
  • passive, secretive and psychic energies
  • people who play mind games
  • People who re consciously directing negativity towards you
  • and from the fast pace and pollution of modern living
It is a good boundary crystal, and psychic vampires can feel uncomfortable being near you if you wear black onyx.


Keep a piece of black onyx in your pocket when walking at night, or in your car for safer driving at night.

Place a black onyx at each window to protect against pollution if you live in a city.

Make a dream catcher which includes black onyx and hang it over your bed for protection against bad dreams.

Put a piece of black onyx in your pet’s sleeping area to protect them at night (obviously be wary of the accidentally / purposely eating).

For home protection, place a piece of charged black onyx in a pot with Ivy and a white candle by your front door. 


{ Black Tourmaline }

Black tourmaline is considered by many as the most powerful protective stone.

  • It protects and heals physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • It has a shielding quality which is especially beneficial when under psychic attacks (thoughts or dreams), external negative energies and internal conflicts.
  • It protects the wearer against people complaining and moaning, emotional vampires, and people who try to burden you with their problems.
  • It will return bad wishes and psychic attacks back to the sender
  • Black tourmaline is essential to those working or living with sick or mentally ill people, as they will literally suck energy from you if you are not protected



In a protection ritual, use 8 pieces of black tourmaline in a ring formation on your altar. 

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