Crystal Lore: Red Jasper


Grounding • Base Chakra • Protection

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{ Folklore }

In Norse mythology, "Gram" the sword of Siegfried was decorated with red jasper to give him courage and to protect him.

{ Grounding }

Red jasper grounds you in an uplifting and positively energising way, but also with security and protection. Keep a piece in your pocket to ease distressing thoughts and emotions and stop you feeling flustered. Just carrying Red jasper with you in your pocket will help dim the noisy worrying thoughts. Make a grounding oil with a piece of red jasper and a few drops of cedar essential oil in a carrier oil. Leave for at least an hour and then anoint yourself

  • Try: Red jasper can be used as a “worry stone” – tell a piece your worries, and then leave it on the earth to cleanse overnight. 

{ Base Chakra }

When your base chakra is unbalanced, you will feel ungrounded, unsettled and unable to adapt to change. Red jasper helps balance the base chakra. 

  • Try: If you feel like you need your base chakra balanced, carry a piece of red jasper in your pocket or in a drawstring pouch each day, or make a crystal elixir. 

{ Protection }

Red jasper is a good stone for protection against psychic attack or psychologically disturbed or angry people. This could be helpful for people who work in mental health industries, hospitals, prisons, or customer service where you tend to meet angry, aggressive people and receive threats. 

  • Try: Wear red jasper jewellery or carry few pieces of red jasper in a pouch or pocket.


{ Spellwork }

Red jasper is great for any spells involving:
  • grounding
  • protection
  • base chakra
  • over-worrying
  • stability
  • encouraging action in your life
  • getting out of your comfort zone
  • increasing motivation and energy levels
  • healing
  • courage
Keep some red jasper in the office / work area, to bring motivation and grounding to your workday. 

    Red Jasper is a good stone for freeing yourself from things that are you no longer serving your highest purpose (mentally or physically).

    • Meditate with red jasper and free yourself of responsibilities, thoughts & whatever else is no longer needed. It's the like Marie Kondo crystal 😉 if something doesn't bring you joy, throw it out. 

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