Crystal Lore: Rhodonite


Relationships • Forgiveness • Balance 

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Rhodonite gets its name from the Greek word for “rose” and is often refered to as the “rescue stone” as it is strongly associated with relationship healing


Rhodonite is a stone that helps create realistic relationships when seeking love and also when dating. Being a pink and black stone, it combines a loving pink energy with a grounding black energy. Arguments, disappointments and problems can occur in a relationship when we have unrealistic expectations of how a partner should behave and act.

Try: wear some Rhodonite jewellery or carry it with you in a drawstring pouch when you feel you need to be more grounded in a relationship, and need to see and appreciate your partner for who they are.


Rhodonite is also the stone you should turn to after a relationship breaks up. Before entering a new relationship, we need to learn the lessons of the previous one so we don’t make the same mistakes again, and get closure.


Try: meditate, think about, or write down in your journal the positive and negative aspects of the relationship (look for both, there needs to be balance).


  1. Hold Rhodonite in your projective hand. 
  2. Send all the pain, the lessons, the memories and feelings of the relationship into the rhodonite. 
  3. Bury the crystal in a pot plant. 


Your projective hand is the hand which sends energy – most righthanded people would use their right hand as their projective hand. The other hand is known as the receptive hand - it receives energy.


Rhodonite is associated with forgiveness, emotional healing and compassion, releasing fear, regret and self doubt. Forgiving ourselves isn’t easy, but it is necessary for growth, letting go and learning lessons.


Try: wear rhodonite jewellery or carry a piece in a drawstring pouch with you after a relationship break up to learn to learn to love yourself again and appreciate your own company. 



Rhodonite is associated with balance and harmony.
It is said that if you hold a piece of rhodonite and walked around your space / house, rhodonite will help you detect the yin/yang imbalance.
If the energies are unbalanced you will feel it. 


Too much yang - you will feel a surge of energy in your fingers. 

    Try: place a rhodonite with more black than pink in the space. 


    Too much yin - you will feel a lifeless feeling.

      Try: place a rhodonite with more pink than black in the space. 


      Balanced energy will feel tranquil and harmonised.

      Try: keeping a pot plant with a piece of rhodonite for each member in your house will help keep the balance and harmony. 



      Rhodonite is great for any spells involving:

      • love
      • relationships
      • forgiveness
      • letting go
      • balance
      • emotional wounds
      • healing
      • releasing fear
      • harmony



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