Crystal Lore: Tiger's Eye



Protection • Positivity • Courage  

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{ Folklore }

Tiger’s Eye is named after a tiger - its stripes, its brown / amber colour, and its protective and courageous qualities. 


{ Protection }

Tiger’s Eye is a very protective stone, like all stones that have a sheen. The difference between tiger’s eye and other protective stones is that black protective stones will protect by absorbing negativity, whereas tiger’s eye will protect by reflecting the negativity and sending it back to the source or sender without you absorbing any of the negativity. 

Ancient Egyptians believed tiger’s eye held the protection of the sun and the earth combined. 

It is said that keeping a tiger’s eye stone in the car can protect you from accidents.

Traditionally, witches would carry tiger’s eye as a talisman to protect against ill wishing, the evil eye, jealousy and curses.

It is said that holding a tiger’s eye will reveal to you whether a person is trustworthy or not. Trust your intuition and it should be revealed by the end of the day.

Wear tiger’s eye or carry a stone in a drawstring bag to repel negativity - especially the low vibrational jealousy variety (i.e. from your partner’s ex, work colleagues etc).

{ Positivity }

Tiger’s eye raises your vibration. Tiger’s eye makes you aware of your negative thoughts and words so you can mindfully stop and shift to a more positive way of thinking and speaking.

When your vibration is higher, you are less effected by the low vibrational energies around you – you literally will rise above negative situations and attitudes.

When your vibration is higher, you are less bothered by things such as pettiness, jealousy and gossip. The higher your vibration, the less protection you need too. 



{ Courage }

    Roman soldiers carried tiger’s eye in battles as they believed it would make them as courageous as a tiger. Tiger’s eye will help you overcome a fear of failure, and helps with self-worth and self-criticism issues. It gives you more courage, especially in creative fields and anything that involves needing to sell yourself, for example, competitions, job hunting, sharing your gifts. 


    { Spellwork }

    Tiger’s eye can be used in spells and rituals involving:
    • prosperity
    • protection
    • jealousy
    • courage
    • reflecting negativity
    • divination
    • energy
    • luck
    Tiger’s eye is great to have a around the house to increase the flow of money. Place a tiger’s eye in a money jar with a lid. Each day add a coin to the jar. When it reaches the top, spend the contents on something you really want.
    • Tiger’s Eye is great to carry during the Mercury Retrograde too – I always wear tiger’s eye in my pocket during this time.



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