Crystal Lore: Titanium Quartz


Auras • Scrying • Positivity 

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{ Folklore } 

Titanium Quartz is quartz that has been treated with a layer of titanium (and sometimes gold and niobium) to give it a beautiful iridescent rainbow surface. It is also known as Rainbow Aura Quartz or Flame Aura Quartz.

{ Auras }

Titanium quartz is amazing for aura work - both for practicing seeing auras, and strengthening and energizing your own aura. 

To practice seeing auras, look at a piece of titanium quartz for awhile. When you intuitively feel ready, look at the area around someone’s head and shoulders. It helps if they are against a white wall

To strengthen your own aura, hold a titanium quartz point above your your head and pass it around your aura.


{ Scrying }

Titanium quartz is a useful scrying tool. Like anything, this will take some practice. 

Light up a titanium quartz sphere with candlelight and look for the images on the surface of the titanium quartz. 

  • Write down anything you observe, even if it doesn't make sense at the time. 

{ Positivity }

Titanium quartz will help you see the world as a more beautiful and positive place. It holds the vibration of all the colours of the spectrum and works on all chakras, and titanium is one of the highest vibration metals so it brings in vibrant energy and a zest for life.

Work: place a cluster on your work desk and around your home to brighten the area and enhance positivity and energy.

Guidance: hold a piece when life is dark to connect to your higher self and find some guidance.

  • Try: meditating with titanium quartz can make us feel grounded, centred and energized all at once.


{ Spellwork }

Titanium quartz is great for any spells involving:
  • success,
  • positivity
  • colour therapy
  • happiness
  • psychic abilities
  • intuition
  • third eye
  • releasing energy blockages
  • banishing fear

Because the base stone is clear quartz, it also amplifies and intensifies spells and intentions

Altar: Titanium quartz is great for placing on your altar as it gives a serious vibrational lift.

Pendulum: it is a great choice for a pendulum.

Jewellery: worn as a necklace, it reminds you to actually see the beauty around you. 

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