Crystal Lore: Work Crystals


Smokey Quartz • Blue Lace Agate • Labradorite 

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{ What Are Work Crystals? }

These are crystals which are great to keep with you at work - for a number of reasons. There will be a part 2 to this series so look out for that. 

  • Try: you can place these crystals on a desk if possible and if that suits you. Otherwise, try keeping them in a crystal drawstring pouch, your pocket, bra or worn as jewelry

{ Smokey Quartz }

Smokey quartz is good for absorbing all kinds of negativity:
  • sorrows
  • misfortunes
  • tension
  • stress
  • low vibrational energies - jealousy, anger, fear

Place a piece on your desk to absorb any deliberate or residual negativity floating around. 

It is good to wear or keep in the workplace as it is said to be good protection against theft and damage. 

  • Try: keep a piece in your handbag for protection against theft, or wherever you have your personal possessions. 

Smokey quartz blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog too. 

  • Try:  place a piece next to your computer or laptop. 


{ Blue Lace Agate }

Blue Lace Agate is great for creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere, especially in overly tense at work (for example, stressed out co-workers).  
  • Try: place a piece on your desk to keep yourself and things around you calm.

Blue lace agate’s plant correspondence is chamomile, so try holding a piece while having a cup of chamomile tea when work is making you feel very stressed. Try our Calm Comfort Herbal Tea, it is perfect for those extra stressful days. 

{ Labradorite }

In folklore, the Northern Lights were created when a great Inuit warrior struck his spear into a labradorite, releasing the luminescent shine. Like the Northern Lights, labradorite encourages you to shine your creative light, think outside the square and believe dreams are possible. It calms an overactive mind and encourages new ideas by energizing the mind. 

  • Try: keep a piece of labradorite at your desk for new ideas and inspiration. Centre yourself, breathe and focus, and allow ideas to come to you. 

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  • I keep smoky quartz at my desk, and I absolutely feel the difference it makes. It helps keep my environment more positive (I work in a high stress, male-dominated energy.) Great post. I love reading all of your educational blogs!


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