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Creating your altar or sacred space is obviously both very personal and also so varied - anything goes and there's no right or wrong. But for this reason it might seem hard to know what to do and sometimes a little direction is nice. Here are some ideas on how to represent the elements using objects and crystals, especially if you are just starting on your witchy journey. 

The idea is to use objects and crystals in each direction of your altar. Use a compass app on your phone if you are unsure of directions. 


There are four elements:

North = Earth

East = Air 

South = Fire

West = Water 

The fifth element (Spirit) is the unseen.

You could add a pentagram to your altar too for protection, as well as representing these five elements. 

{ North / Earth }

Objects: to represent the earth element, use a bowl of sand, dirt or salt. You could make it more personal by using dirt from a special place, or sand from your favourite beach. I like to keep a piece of clear quartz in the bowl too.
Crystals: to represent earth element: obsidian, black tourmaline, peridot, malachite, onyx, moss agate, hematite. 

{ East / Air }

Objects: to represent the air element, use smoke from some incense or herbs, or feathers. You could set up an incense holder here.

Crystals:  to represent air element: tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, topaz, opal, turquoise, aventurine. 


{ South / Fire }

Objects: to represent the fire element, light a candle, or use charcoal. You could use tealights, or a candle you're using for a spell.

Crystals: to represent fire elemental: carnelian, red jasper, amber, garnet, sunstone, citrine. 

{ West / Water }

Objects: to represent the water element, use a bowl of water. You could use moon water for this - collect full moon water each full moon and use it on your altar throughout the month. I like to keep a piece of clear quartz in the water too.

Crystals: to represent water element: moonstone, amethyst, chrysocolla, celestite, pink tourmaline, sodalite, aquamarine. 



{ Offerings }

Offerings: can be sweets, bread, nuts, flowers, coins, pine cones, shells, anything you find outside. 

Burn: resins, incense & herbs.


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