Four Thieves Vinegar


Banishment  Healing • Cleansing 

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{ Folklore }

Four Thieves Vinegar has many variations in both its origin and its recipe.

The legend tells of a group of four thieves who were robbing the dead and the sick during a plague outbreak in Europe. The question was - how were they able to rob again and again without getting sick themselves?

Upon getting caught, the four thieves offered to exchange their secret for leniency. Their secret was Four Thieves Vinegar. 

The Four Thieves Vinegar recipe was used for:

  • healing
  • immune boosting
  • illness-banishing purposes.

The recipe was brought to New Orleans by European immigrants, although legend says it was brought over by the escaped thieves themselves. In addition to its original purpose, it become a tool in spells for:

  • banishing
  • protection
  • cleansing
  • commanding 

{ Base }

For this recipe you will need to gather:

  • a bottle or jar with lid
  • vinegar - your choice of red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar
  • peeled and crushed garlic

There isn’t a quantity on the garlic – the more you add, the stronger and better the healing and immune-boosting properties will be.

  • It is typical to use at least one head of garlic, and 1 quart or approximately 950ml of vinegar.


    { Herbs }

    Each of the four thieves added one herb to the recipe, hence the name, so it is traditional to only add four of the following herbs to represent each thief. 

    Choose four from:

    You could choose the herbs based on availability, intuition, or the purpose of the vinegar. 

    { Method }

    • Boil the garlic in the vinegar.
    • Add the four herbs one by one, stirring in between.
    • Let it cool down
    • Put the mixture in a bottle and let sit. 
    • Shake once daily. 
    • It is ready for use after four days. 

    Always shake before use.

    { In The Home }

    Four Thieves Vinegar can be used as a cleansing agent in a spray bottle and used to clean & sterilize kitchen counters and bathrooms. 

    { Spellwork }

    Four Thieves Vinegar can be used for spells involving:

    • banishing
    • protection
    • healing
    • cleansing negativity
    • repelling unwanted people

    { Cleansing Floor Wash }

    For a cleansing floor wash, add the following to a bucket of floor wash:

    Floor washes are meant to be applied to pre-cleaned floors and left to air-dry.

    { To Make A Floor Wash }

    Two easy methods:

    • Make a bucket of warm water, add the above ingredients, and a little extra vinegar
    • Add the above ingredients to an empty bucket, pour in boiling salted water, and a little extra white vinegar. 

    { Ways To Use Four Thieves Vinegar }

    Healing Wash: add FTV to a bath or soak a cloth in FTV and cleanse your body with it in upward motions. 

    Marie Laveau Banishing Spell: to keep someone away from you, write the person’s name on brown paper. Soak the paper in FTV, fold and bury the paper in a pot full of Crossroads Dirt and plant a cactus on top. Keep the pot near your front door. 

    Repelling Unwanted Guests: keep your enemies / unwanted guests away by dressing your doorstep with FTV. 

    Banishing Unwanted People: write the name of the person 9 times on a piece of paper and put it in a small bottle. Add enough FTV to cover the paper, seal tightly. Throw the bottle into a river (traditionally you are meant to throw it over your left shoulder into running water without looking).

    Banishing Unwanted People: rub FTV on door handles and visualise the person leaving. 

    Banishing Unwanted People: make a spell bag to stop someone harassing you. Sprinkle FTV over sea salt and blend. Once dry, put into a spell bag. It is traditional to carry the bag with you until you meet the person again as the spell is used on the next encounter. When you see the person next, secretly sprinkle the salt in their wake as they depart from you. 



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        • I add rosemary. cayenne, lavender and rue to mine. I do not like thieves though. but this is a great recipe I’m glad I was able to find your blog.


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