Herbal Lore: Garlic


Cleansing  Attraction • Protection 

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{ Folklore }

Legend says that when Satan left the Garden of Eden, garlic grew from his footprints, thus it has a long history of being used to protect against evil spirits, vampires, and the Evil Eye.

Garlic is sacred to Hecate and can be given as an offering at a crossroads. It is often grown at witches' front doors in Hecate's honor. 


{ Cleansing }

Garlic has magickal and spiritual antiseptic effects that is great for cleansing and purifying. There are many variations / recipes for burning garlic - just try and see what resonates with you.

Garlic peel is amazing for cleansing an area. You will need:

    Variations of using garlic peel:


    To cleanse a person with negative attitude, place a single clove of garlic (peeled, crushed) under their bed (if at home) or chair (if at work) for 24 hours, and then burn it on a charcoal disc in your cauldron or fireproof dish


      { Attraction }

      Garlic has long been used in spells and potions to increase or invoke passion, and to attract a partner. And vice versa - to repel unwanted interest and ex-partners. Garlic is said to be an aphrodisiac when eaten by both partners. 

        • Try: add garlic to your date night meal and cook with intent! 

        { Protection }

        Garlic protects against a lot of things:

        • negativity
        • dark spirits
        • nightmares
        • bad vibrations / energy
        • misfortune
        • theft
        • unwanted guests
        • the evil eye 
        • psychic attacks (both intentional and unintentional)


        { Protection For The Home }

        A wreathe or braid of protection will keep your house protected against the evil eye, jealousy and negativity.
        You will need :
        • 12 heads of garlic
        • any correspondences to decorate (lodestones, aloe vera pieces, pouches of salt and mustard seeds) 
        Make a wreathe or braid, decorate and hang over your front doorReplace the braids / wreathes once a year. 


        Garlic salt pouches can also be used, and hung around the house. 
        You will need: 

          For protection of your divination tools from negative energy coming through them, keep a clove of garlic with them. 


          { Protection For The Business }

          When the above wreathe or braid is hung in the doorway of a business, it provides increased business as well as protection.

          For enhancement you will need:

            Make a wreathe or braid, decorate and hang over the front door of your business. Replace the braids / wreathes once a year. 

            { Spellwork }

            Garlic is great for any spells or rituals for :

            • Protection 
            • Good fortune 
            • Strength 
            • Courage 
            • Immunity 
            • Repelling unwanted love interest 
            • Aphrodisiac 
            • Selling anything 
            • Business 
            • Breaking bad habits 
            • Exorcism 
            • Spell breaking 

              Try: add a clove of garlic to any spell bag to strengthen and amplify its energy. 

              Here are some links for witch spells and rituals that use garlic. 


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