Herbal Lore: Mugwort


Psychic Abilities  Dreams • Protection 

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{ Psychic Abilities }

Psychoactive effects: Mugwort has psychoactive effects. Drink a tea, or burn and inhale mugwort for psychic abilities, visions and scrying. Loose mugwort can easily be drunk as a tea in a reusable cotton herbal bag, a loose tea strainer, or in a teapot

Mugwort can be burnt on charcoal discs in a small cauldron as an incense.

  • Try: mugwort leaves rubbed on mirrors and crystals balls will strengthen divinatory abilities. 


    { Dreams }

    Dream Work: place mugwort under your pillow to experience lucid and prophetic dreams, and astral projection. 

      Herbal Mix: make a mix with jasmine, rose petals and lavender to bring clear and memorable dreams.


      { Protection }

      Doorways: hang mugwort above a door for protection against lightning. 

      Shoes: mugwort placed in shoes will help prevent fatigue during long walks.

      Spell Bags: mugwort used in spell bags is said to be protective to the wearer.

      Place mugwort under a doorstep to prevent unwanted visitors coming to the door.



      { Spellwork }

      Mugwort is said to be the most widely used witches herb of all time. 

      Great for any spells involving:

      • Protection 
      • Psychic ability 
      • Dream work 

      Use in a tea or in incense for psychic enhancement.

      Enhancement: Mugwort can be added to almost any spell to boost its performance

      Tools: wash amulets and crystals in a mugwort infusion for enhanced spell work.



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