Herbal Lore: Damiana


Psychic Abilities  Love • Removing Negative Energy 

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{ Folklore }

Damiana was used by the ancient Mayans as an aphrodisiac and general well being tonic.

{ Psychic Abilities }

Damiana is great for everything related to psychic abilities:

  • lucid dreaming
  • meditation
  • divination
  • any altered states of consciousness
  • clairvoyance, etc
Try drinking damiana as a tea, smoking / vaping, or burning on charcoal discs in a small cauldron before any of these practices. Use damiana before bed for lucid dreaming, or in a spell bag with mugwort under your pillow or lucid and prophetic dreaming.


  • Combine or store with clear quartz to increase the effects. 

{ Love }

Damiana is great for all kinds of love:
  • self love
  • finding love
  • improving existing relationships
  • sex magick, etc.
Damiana is an aphrodisiac, but in a soft, cuddly and loving kind of way because it improves your mood and reduces stress. Damiana infused wine or massage oil is fun for couples, for special occasions or if your relationship needs some spicing up. Damiana is not only an aphrodisiac, it also will enhance psychic abilities, so you can use intuition in choosing a partner.


  • Combine or store with rose quartz to increase the effects. 

{ Damiana Wine }

Here is a recipe for a delicious date night damiana infused wine! 
  1. Steep a few spoons of damiana in a large mason jar of wine for 1-2 weeks. 
  2. Shake the jar daily.
  3. Strain, and enjoy! Make sure you press the herbs when you strain to get all the wine out.
  1. Add the leaves straight into a bottle of wine
  2. You might need to drink a little wine first to make the herbs fit.
  3. Strain, and enjoy! Make sure you press the herbs when you strain to get all the wine out.


  • You can do this with any alcohol really - rum, vodka etc. Damiana Mojito! 


{ Removing Negative Energy }

Damiana is amazing for improving mood, reducing stress and anxiety, helping you relax and generally making you feel good. A lot of people report it reduces headaches too. I prefer to discuss only the magickal side of herbs usually rather than the health benefits, you've probably noticed - but I feel that damiana works so well in other areas (love, psychic abilities) because of these benefits. It puts you in an open and relaxed state of mind with better focus

If you can't tell, I lovvvve damiana. It's my #1 go-to when I feel anxious. If you don't like the taste, you can always combine with others teas like peppermint - my personal favorite combination. 


{ Spellwork }

Great for any spells and rituals involving:

  • love
  • sex
  • meditation
  • dreaming
  • divination
  • stress
  • anti anxiety



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