Herbal Lore: Rosemary


Cleansing  Love • Memory 

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{ Folklore }

During the Middle Ages mothers hung twigs of rosemary above the cradles of their babies to attract positive energy and to stop fairies from stealing them. 

{ Cleansing }

Burning rosemary emits a powerful cleansing and purifying vibration and will eliminate negativity.

After illness: burn rosemary and juniper together to help with healing and to fumigate after an illness. You can do this by burning dried rosemary on top of hot charcoal discs. A helpful tip - use charcoal tongs as the charcoal burns super hot and tongs are life changing! Make sure you use a little cauldron or fireproof dish when burning charcoal. 

  • Try: burn rosemary with sage, or bathe in a rosemary infusion before any spell work for purification and protection. Make an infusion by soaking rosemary in hot water and letting cool. 

{ Love }

Rosemary is a symbol of love. It is used in hand-fasting and wedding ceremonies in various ways – branches are made into wreaths, rosemary carried by the bride/groom to show love and loyalty, and rosemary is given as presents to guests. 

A rosemary bush or wreath is a symbolic parting gift to show a dear friend you will never forget them.

If you are deciding between two potential partners, grow rosemary in two pots and name them – it is said that the one that grows stronger is the more suitable choice.

Rosemary is also used in spells to attract love. 

 { Memory }

  • Study: Rosemary stimulates the memory centre of the brain, so use a rosemary sprig as a bookmark or sprinkle dried rosemary in your books while you study. It enhances memory, focus and clarity of thought

  • First Impressions: Bathing with rosemary or putting rosemary oil on yourself is said to make you unforgettable to all whoever you meet during the day (useful for dates or job interviews). 

  • Meditation: Burning rosemary incense when you meditate or doing dream work is helpful for remembering your past lives.  

{ Rosemary Water }

Make rosemary water in a spray bottle to cleanse your sacred space. It attracts positive energy and removes negative energy. 
  1. Simply add boiling water to rosemary (dried or fresh) in a bowl.
  2. You can add salt too. 
  3. Allow it to cool down.
  4. Strain and fill a spray bottle.
This kind of spray won't last more than a few days, but it's easy to replace so make a fresh bottle twice a week


{ Spellwork & Rituals }

  • Rosemary is one of the most commonly used herbs, and can be substituted for almost any other herb, so it is good to always have on hand. 

Rosemary can be used in spell involving:

  • Love
  • Focus
  • study
  • memory
  • dates
  • Job interviews
  • cleansing
  • healing

Sleep: Place rosemary under your pillow or in a drawstring bag for a good night sleep, to remember dreams and to keep nightmares and unwanted night visitors away. 


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