Herbal Lore: Rue


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Rue is called "witchbane" and "herb of grace" and is associated with Hecate and Diana. 


Fresh rue was pinned to clothing after an illness to cleanse, enhance healing and for protection. It was used in churches with holy water to cleanse people of illness. It is also one of the herbal ingredients in Four Thieves Vinegar, used to ward off the Black Plague. 


Rue is a great herb for business owners as it is not only great for general protection but it also attracts customers. If you can find some, hang rue branches in your store or near where you do most of your work (if you work from home). 

Try: use a mortar & pestle to grind some rue - burn it over charcoal in your store or at your desk; and sprinkle it to make a path to your store.

If you have any business troubles (e.g. unhappy customer emails), print the email, burn powedede rue on charcoal, and pass the paper through the smoke to encourage problem resolution.


 Rue is great for protection against the evil eye:

  • wearing a sprig
  • bathing in a rue infusion (cover mashed rue in boiling water and let it cool)
  • adding rue to food
  • burning powder rue over charcoal as incense
  • or simply making a spell bag with rue inside

When combined with agrimony, it is said to return the evil eye to the sender.

Rue is hung in the house of newborn babies to protect them and the parents.

Try: plant rue by the doors and windows to protect your home. Rue hung in bunches inside will keep away illness, misfortune, and negative energy. 


Rue is great for any spells involving:

  • protection
  • evil eye
  • breaking hexes
  • cleansing
  • strengthening aura
  • attraction
  • love
  • positive energy

These days, a rue shaped amulet called a "cimaruta" is worn to protect from the evil eye.

There is also rue (or ruda) water, rue oil, candles, incense, wash and bath herbs to use for protection, cleansing, warding off the evil eye and blessing. 


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