Herbal Lore: Sage


Cleansing  Wisdom • Calming

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{ A Note On The Sage We Sell }

Our sage is:

  • Harvested in Lindrith New Mexico, from herbs native to the area. 
  • Gathered with great love and respect to Mother Earth. 
  • Blue corn is given as an offering of thank you to the land. 

You can find our sage in our store. 

{ Folklore }

During the Renaissance it was asked “How can a man die who has sage in his garden?” as sage is used in many herbal remedies.

{ Cleansing }

Sage is used as a smoke cleansing stick or in incense to purify and cleanse a space.

It is a good idea get into a regular cleansing ritual - think of this like spiritual hygiene maintenance. 

  • Set your intention and thoroughly cleanse your house, room, space, tools, and aura. 

{ Benefits Of Cleansing With Sage }

Sage releases negative ions and cancels out the positive ions which neutralizes the energy. 

Smoke cleansing prepares an area for a spell using both light and shadow. 

Eating sage provides internal cleansing.

  • Try: you should always smoke cleanse any second-hand items to neutralize energies attached.

{ Wisdom }

The negative ions that are released in sage promote alpha brainwaves and increases brainwave amplitude. This means that sage promotes a higher awareness level, and increased wisdom and knowledge.

  • Try: use sage when you have an exam or test coming up! Burn sage while studying or writing an essay for better memory retention and comprehension.

{ Spiritual Wisdom }

Burning sage will help in gaining guidance from your spirit guides. It also enhances psychic abilities because it promotes a higher awareness level.


{ Calm }

The release of negative ions also explains the calming effect of sage smoke as it stimulates the endocrine system and balances hormonal output.

Sage can also be beneficial in the difficult times, such as:

  • when grieving/mourning
  • for insomnia
  • stress

Sage is wonderful to burn while journalling. Working through difficult times is never easy. Sage gives you a better insight into yourself while having a calming effect. You could try burning loose sage on a charcoal disc in a cauldron or fireproof dish for a hands free burn. 


{ Spellwork }

Sage is great for any spells involving:
  • Cleansing 
  • Calm 
  • Wisdom
  • positive energy

Write your wish on a sage leaf and place it under your pillow for 3 nights. If the sage leaf appears in your dreams during this time, the wish will be fulfilled. If not, bury the sage leaf in the earth.



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