Herbal Lore: Thyme


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{ Folklore }

It is said that thyme came from the tears of Helen of Troy, and so Thyme can be a very powerful “love magnet” - Helen of Troy was kidnapped twice. The word “thyme” comes from the Greek meaning for “to fumigate”. It has been used for thousands of years as an antiseptic and to fumigate areas after sickness. Warriors used thyme in massages for bravery, and women used thyme in their hair to increase their attractiveness.


{ Psychic Abilities }

Thyme is used for:

  • clairvoyance
  • divination
  • promoting psychic development

The combination of thyme and juniper enhances psychic abilities – burn a blend of the two dried herbs together over charcoal in your cauldron during meditation or divination. 

Fae: it is said that the Fae love thyme, so plant some in your garden to attract them. Wearing a sprig of thyme is said to help you see Faeries.
  • Sprinkle dried or powdered thyme on windowsills and doorsteps - it is an invitation to the Fae to say they are welcome in your home.


{ Love }

Thyme is used in all kinds of spells for passion, sensuality and love.

Spell Bag: add to a conjure bag or spell jar to attract passion and pleasure on a night out (add a staurolite crystal for enhancement).

Bath: bathe in a thyme infusion to radiate and attract love and passion.

Incense: thyme incense or just the pure dried herb can be used in a lot of love Spells. Burn it over a lit charcoal disc in your cauldron



{ Purification }

Thyme is still a wonderful herb to use in purification methods as it dispels mellow negative vibrations and feelings such as hopelessness, melancholy, grief. 

Purification methods include:

  • Hanging dried bunches
  • Cleansing
  • Fumigation
  • Ritual bathing

    It is helpful after fights, tragedies and sicknesses.

    Low vibrations: Thyme can be helpful when you are trying to stay positive and achieve a goal but feel those low vibrations plaguing you. Thyme helps raise your vibration.

    Sleep: thyme will help prevent nightmares for a good sleep so place some inside your pillow or a drawstring bag (also good for melancholy).


    { Spellwork }

    Great for any spells and rituals involving:

    • passion
    • affection
    • healing
    • courage
    • strength
    • psychic abilities
    • divination
    • attraction
    • money
    • energy to get things done
    • anything new (jobs, places, situations, study)

      Thyme can be used in purification of your space prior to any work and psychic cleansing. 

      Prosperity: thyme is a money / prosperity attracting herb – plant some thyme in your garden – as the thyme grows, so will your prosperity.


      Full Moon Prosperity Spell: take a money note put some dried thyme leaves on top. Fold it towards you 3 times (we fold towards ourselves as this spell is bringing something towards us). Tie it up with green thread. Bury the package at the Crossroads on the Full Moon (remember Full Moon energy is 2 days either side of actual Full Moon).


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