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{ Folklore }

Yerba Mate is the traditional drink of many parts of South America. It is a great coffee replacement – gives you lots of energy and is quite delicious. I personally love it combined with peppermint tea. 


{ Love }

Yerba Mate is used in all kinds of relationships spells – love, lust, fidelity, attraction, and ending relationships.

Relationships: it is said that a couple will have a long and loving relationship together if they drink from the same cup of Yerba Mate tea.

Beauty: Yerba Mate is also said to enhance beauty and charm when worn, which can be handy when trying to attract love!

Ending relationships: it is said that spilling Yerba Mate on the ground will end a relationship (especially in combination with the ashes of something owned by the person).

Yerba Mate Love Tea: combine 2 teaspoon dried jasmine flowers, 4 rose petals, 1 teaspoon dried yerba mate, a stick of cinnamon (or 1/2 teaspoon of powdered or pieces of cinnamon) and ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract.

      For a spell jar to attract love into your life: use yerba mate, a taglock (e.g. your own hair), rose quartz, a drop of vanilla extract, and then any of the following based on what you have available – coriander seeds, cinnamon, jasmine flowers, lavender, rose petals.

      For a Yerba Mate Dusting Powder: to attract  the attention of someone you are interested in, on the next New Moon, combine Yerba Mate, rose petals, lavender, jasmine flowers, orris root  (if you have some) and enough corn starch together in a mortar & pestle to make a powder. Wear whenever you go out and want to attract attention!

      { Clarity }

      Yerba Mate is a great herb to use for mental clarity and focus. It is similar to coffee in that it contains caffeine (without the jittery effects and caffeine crash), however it also helps to focus the mind and relax the muscles too. When drunk as a tea, it is grounding and naturally calming.

      Spell work: it is good for the type of protection spells that require focus, confidence and holding your ground – it is said to bring out the warrior within.


      { Obstacles }

      Yerba Mate is great herb for breaking through any barriers / removing obstacles and problems you may have, as it is a stimulant, it is energising and enhances confidence.

      See here for an Obstacle Breaker spell.




      { Spellwork }

      Great for any spells involving:

      • love
      • lust, fidelity
      • healing
      • breaking through barriers / obstacles
      • attraction
      • energy, ambition
      • focus
      • grounding
      • protection
      • self-confidence
      • mental clarity





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