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{ What Is Incense Used For? }

Different Incenses have different correspondences and are used for specific purposes including:
  • spell work
  • meditation
  • protection
  • cleansing
  • purification
  • ritual
Incense will also enhance spell work and set the mood and atmosphere. Incense is used to cleanse your space, your tools and yourself. Scent is a powerful way to trigger memory, focus and emotion


{ Loose Incense }

Loose incense is made up of dried botanical ingredients such as:
  • dried herbs
  • dried flowers
  • gums
  • spices
  • aromatic woods
  • other botanicals
  • resins
Loose herbal incense blends are great as they contain pure botanical content, without synthetic binders. Plus you can make them yourself so you put your energy and intention into the blend as you create and mix. 


Loose incense can be:

{ Resins }

Resins are undiluted and unaltered sap from trees. They release an intense scent and are considered “top shelf” incense in comparison to sticks and cones. 

{ Sticks & Cones }

Sticks and cone incenses are easy to use as they are self-lighting and  require only something to burn it on - either a fireproof bowl, or a long incense holder with a hole at one end to hold the stick. 


{ Make Your Own Blend }

You can easily make your own loose incense blend by choosing ingredients that suit your purpose, and grind them together in a mortar & pestle




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