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{ Coffee is Morning Magic }

Did you know that the simple act of stirring your morning coffee can become a ritual infused with magic? As we stir, we are actually putting our energy and intention into the whatever it is we are mixing. Think about the difference between a loveless fast food meal and your mother's home cooking; or how when you are upset while cooking, the meal just doesn't seem to turn out.
  • Our attitude, thoughts and emotions are very important! 

{ To Manifest And Attract } 

  • To manifest and attract what you want, just stir in the following direction. 

Northern Hemisphere: stir your coffee in a clockwise direction ("deosil"). 

Southern Hemisphere: stir your coffee in an anti-clockwise direction ("widdershins"). 

    As you stir, infuse the coffee with positive intentions and think about what you want to manifest.

    Deosil means "sunwise", and "widdershins" means "against the usual". 

    • There is a difference in direction between hemispheres because energy moves clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere! 

    { What Should You Manifest? }

    What should you manifest? A great place to start, especially with a morning coffee, is by setting your intention for a good day. As you stir, describe the day you wish to have - will it be productive, relaxing, happy?

    Other ideas for positive intentions are:

    • wellness
    • energy
    • healing
    • love
    • beauty
    • abundance


    { Want To Know More? }

    Here are some links for some blogs to visit. Let's have some fun. Here are some spells and rituals that use our witchy coffee.

    { Want To Go Shopping? }

    Here are some links for some of the products mentioned. 





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