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{ What Is A Spell Bag? }

A spell bag (alternatively called a mojo bag, charm pouch, gris gris bag, conjure bag) is a charm or spell in a pouch which is carried around with you or hung somewhere, depending on the purpose. 


{ Required }

For this love spell bag, we're going to need: 

    { Why These Ingredients? }

    Damiana Leaves: damiana is included as it is not only an aphrodisiac, it also will enhance psychic abilities, so you can use intuition in choosing a partner. 

    Cardamom Seeds: cardamom seeds are included as it increases your attractiveness and sexuality, while also drawing love to you.

    Red Rose Petals: red roses are the most traditional flowers used in love spells. Red roses are included as they represent love, relationships and lust. 

    Rose Quartz: rose quartz is included as it is the stone of all matters of the heart and unconditional love – romantic as well as self love. It can help you attract love and also help uncover where love already exists. 

    Malachite: malachite is the stone of the most powerful love goddesses, and like all green crystals, malachite works with the heart chakra and love. It is especially beneficial when trying to move on from hurt in past relationships. When working with malachite, it makes you more willing to embrace life, which in turn results in more self love, and a readiness to love and be loved in return. 

    Rhodonite: rhodonite is included as it is a stone that helps create realistic relationships. It combines a loving pink energy with a grounding black energy which helps us hold realistic expectations when seeking love and dating. 

        { Method }

        First night: place the red rose petals and damiana leaves in the bag, and sleep with it under your pillow. This is to encourage messages and intuitive dreams. 

        The next night: add the malachite to let go of past relationship issues. Add the rose quartz to attract love. Add the rhodonite to keep grounded. Add the cardamom seeds. Close the bag and carry with you. 


          { How Long Do I Keep The Spell Bag? }

          It is traditional to keep the mojo bag for as long as you want the relationship to continue – once you are in a relationship, keep it somewhere safe. 


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