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Visit our curated collection of beautiful tarot and oracle decks in the store. Or learn how to make your own!


Have you ever wanted to make your own tarot cards, oracle deck or affirmation cards?

  • Maybe you haven't connected with a deck yet
  • Perhaps you want personalised symbols or affirmations
  • Maybe you just have a lot of great ideas and creativity
Making your own deck of cards is a beautiful and intuitive process - there's obviously a lot of you in the cards and therefore absolutely charged with your energy!


{ How To Start }

You can either:

  • Buy a ready to decorate card set like the one we are selling in the picture above
  • Or completely start from scratch by cutting your own card shapes. Use whatever you want - any kind of cardboard, cardstock, even cereal boxes!

{ Theme }

Get as creative or as simple as you want with the design. Spend some time on your theme, use your interests for ideas and let intuition guide you.

Here's some starting questions:

  • Are you a crystal witch?
  • A green witch?
  • Eclectic?
  • Do you love animals?
  • Interested in herbs?
  • Are Deities a strong influence? 
  • Do you love runes? 
  • Are you interested in mythology? 
  • Do you like colourful themes?
  • Want black and white only themes?
  • Will you draw your images or print photos?

    And the big question, do you want:

    • Tarot Cards 
    • Oracle Cards 
    • Runes Cards
    • Affirmations Cards
    • Or something else - like a deck of Crystal Cards, Herb Cards, Witch Spells 

    { Affirmation Cards }

    If you are writing affirmation cards, find quotes and mantras that speak to you. You could use your cards for a one card pull each day to motivate yourself, or use a card each day as a journal prompt. Journaling is an amazing tool for healing and self improvement. 

    { Card Meanings }

    If you are writing oracle or tarot cards, think about the meanings you want to bring to each card. Write a guide as you go, or write meanings on the card.

    If you are making tarot cards, make sure you follow the tarot formula of 78 tarot cards with majors, minors and courts.

    If you are making oracle cards, the number is up to you.


    { Make Your Own Cards (Blank Deck) }

    We stock a "make your own" full size deck, which includes 80 cards, and measures 4 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 7/8". 

    { Want to know more? }

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    { Want to go shopping? }

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