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Prepare • Respite • Protect  

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{ What Does Retrograde Mean? }

A planet in retrograde is a planet that appears to be travelling backwards with respect to the zodiac, affecting areas in which it governs. Mercury appears to travel backwards and change direction more often than any other planet (3-4 times a year).

As Mercury rules communication, travel and contracts, a Mercury Retrograde is the one we all fear the most. If Mercury goes into retrograde in your Sun, Moon, Mercury or Rising sign, it tends to affect you more. 
  •  Arguments and misunderstandings can occur
  • Electronic equipment can break
  • Transport can be late
  • Things can go missing
  • Sleep can be difficult.


The best approach for a Mercury Retrograde is with a positive attitude, being flexible and open minded. Here are some ideas on how to get through.  

{ Prepare }

  • Make to do lists
  • Get organized
  • Back up phones and computers
  • Leave earlier for appointments and work
  • Be more understanding and extra patient with others
  • Review, revise and double check everything  

{ Respite }

  • Slow down and relax!
  • Write in your journal, book of shadows, grimoire
  • Draw, paint, create
  • It is a great time to catch up on postponed tasks, correspondences, friends, and books
  • Always bring a book with you as travel delays may occur!
  • Reflect, meditate and stay grounded

{ Protect }

Tiger's Eyeget your tiger’s eye ready, witches! Tigers eye is my personal favourite for Mercury Retrograde – it is wonderful for protection and staying positive. I have a tiger’s eye worry stone I slip into my pocket, and a bracelet on my wrist.  

  • During Mercury Retrograde - always carry tiger’s eye in your pocket or wear a tigers eye bracelet.


Traditionally, witches carried tiger’s eye as a talisman to protect against ill wishing, the Evil Eye, jealousy and curses. Tiger’s eye is a very protective stone, like all stones that have a sheen.

The difference between tiger’s eye and other protective stones is that black protective stones will protect by absorbing negativity, whereas tiger’s eye will protect by reflecting the negativity and sending it back to the source or sender without you absorbing any of the negativity.

Wear tiger’s eye or carry a stone in your bag to repel negativity, especially with communication being messy.

Raising Vibration: keep your vibration high with a daily smoke cleanse using palo santo or sage sticks. 

{ Crystals }

Make a Mercury Retrograde protection pouch full of these crystals, and a stick of palo santo.

    Here are some crystals that can help in various ways: 

    • Amazonite: promotes clearer communication 
    • Black Tourmaline: is protecting, grounding and helps with anxiety
    • Hematite: is for grounding and pulling away negativity from your body
    • Fluorite: encourages peace and harmony and balancing thinking/concentration
    • Jade: helps all sorts of communication, and increases luck
    • Blue Lace Agate: improves clear and calm communication



        { Botanicals }

        Here are some herbs & botanicals that are good for tea or for burning as incense: 

        • Lemon balm will sooth your nerves.
        • Ginsengboosts your immune system, balances your hormones and rejuvenates your energy.
        • Sage & Palo Santoare wonderful for grounding, raising vibration and cleansing areas 

        { Checklist }

        Here's a handy checklist that summarises the points above. 


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