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Energy  Gratitude • Purpose  

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{ What To Expect From The Full Moon }

The powerful Full Moon is the best time for spells of any kind.

It is a time of:

  • fulfilment
  • high impact results
  • celebration
  • increased psychic ability.

Spend some time either writing in your grimoire or journal or just thinking about the blessings in your life as well as spiritual and personal developments. It is a great time to explore your purpose and true path, as well as renew commitments to projects, goals or people

{ What To Do On The Full Moon }

Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate and get the most out of a Full Moon. It is written in an order you can follow, but obviously you can pick and choose what you want to do and when. 

  • Remember, the Full Moon energy can be felt 2 days either side of the exact Full Moon time. 

ESBAT: many witches will attend an esbat at the time of the full moon to formally celebrate their relationship with the Divine either alone or in with a coven. 

CLEANSE: cleanse your sacred space, altar and yourself with any sage bundles, palo santo or any other herbs and resins you feel drawn to. Release stagnant energy and connect to the Full Moon. This is always a good place to start your Full Moon Ritual. 


ALTAR: decorate with crystals (moonstone, amethyst, selenite), Goddess statue, shells, moon water, to honour the Full Moon. 

CRYSTALS & TOOLS: leave your crystals and tools out under the powerful full moon energy to cleanse. Everyone knows this one - you've probably seen the meme: "Sorry, I can't.. It's a full moon and I have to charge my crystals." It's most certainly true - out your crystals out every month for a beautiful cleanse and charge. They love it! 

MOON WATER: leave the purest water you can find in a (preferably) clear, silver or white bowl, jar or bottle under the moon. Collect it just before dawn (do not let it see sun). Moon water can be used in spellcraft and potions. 


MOON BATHE: simply sit under the light of the moon and meditate. The full moon is a time of increased psychic awareness, so meditating at this time can bring great insight into your life and allow you to receive any messages from your guides. It's also a good time to think about what you want to let go of during this full moon.

Write in your journal afterwards any thoughts, ideas, or messages that came up during meditation. 

The next few can be performed outside under the beautiful moon. Or go back inside to your altar or sacred space. 

RELEASE CEREMONY: write down any worries, fears, limiting beliefs or things that no longer serve you. Burn the paper in a cauldron over a candle flame and let go of these things, leaving a space for new energy to enter (please note, some people prefer to do this after the Full Moon). 

BAY LEAVES: a Full Moon a time of full energy and high-impact results which makes it the perfect for attraction spells of any kind. Write your wishes and things you want to manifest onto dried bay leaves using a marker (some pens will tear the leaf or make writing difficult). Close your eyes, hold the leaf and visualise the wish intentions. Then burn the leaves in a cauldron with a white candle or place it on a charcoal disc, releasing the wish to the universe. Romance, money and luck are particularly good wishes. Some people like to use the ashes for further spells. Some people like to bury the ashes and others like to put the ashes on themselves (in a bag or vial). 

TAROT: with increased psychic abilities at this time, connect with your tarot deck with a three card spread.

Ask the cards what awareness the Full Moon brings regarding:

  1. Any challenges you are facing. 
  2. How you can harness the energy of the Full Moon to manifest any desires. 
  3. What you need to focus on until the next Full Moon. 

{ Full Moon Checklist }

Here's a handy checklist to look at each Full Moon. 



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