Tool Lore: Mortar & Pestles


Grinding  Blending • Ritual

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{ Folklore }

Baba Yaga, a wild Russian forest witch and herbalist, is portrayed as a flying through the air in a mortar and using her pestle as a rudder, sweeping her traces away with a broom

{ What Is A Mortar & Pestle Used For? }

Many spells, rituals and incense blends need ingredients to be broken down into smaller particles.

A mortar & pestle is essential for crushing, grounding and blending:

    It is very satisfying to grind your own ingredients. It is both meditative and ritualistic, and the manual aspect allows you to grind your intentions into the botanicals. It is worth noting that different ingredients require different methods of grinding – it does take practice, and if you are struggling to break down something, definitely search for the best method.

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