Obstacle Breaker


Barriers  Dormancy • Problems

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{ What Is An Obstacle Breaker? }

Here is a simple obstacle breaker spell for removing any barriers, problems, or things that are dormant and not working. The idea is that the obstacle is frozen in ice to hold its energy, and then smashed.


{ Required }

    • A spoonful of yerba mate leaves
    • A piece of paper
    • A pen
    • A zip-lock bag
    • Water
    • A hammer 

    { Method }

    • Write your obstacle on the paper and put it in the zip-lock bag
    • Add the yerba mate and half fill with water.
    • Seal and shake well. 
    • Freeze for seven days.
    • Each day take the bag out, and think about your intention, imagine the obstacle being removed. 

    Try: you could recite your own chant.

    • On the seventh day, smash the bag with a hammer, again thinking about your obstacle being removed. 
    • Bury the contents somewhere that is not on your property.


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