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{ What is Prosperity Coffee? }

I started adding cinnamon to my morning coffee a few weeks ago as a way of boosting my workday intentions. Cinnamon is great for attracting prosperity and luck, as well as giving protection from negative energy - all perfect for the start of a work day right? 

  • Cinnamon in coffee is not new, but we're witches, so this is now PROSPERITY COFFEE! 

{ Intentions }

As you drink your coffee, set your workday intention. Be specific and believe your intention. This is a great habit to start, and practice each morning.

  • If setting intentions is new to you, you could always say something like "Today will be a good day for me", "Good things will come to me today," until you feel more comfortable. 

{ How To Add Cinnamon }

If you add cinnamon straight into black coffee, it won't mix in and will be all sludgy. Cinnamon will mix fine in a milk coffee, or mixed into a syrup or honey first and then stirred into coffee.

You could also simply sprinkle ground cinnamon on top of the poured coffee. 

But my favorite way is to sprinkle powdered cinnamon on top of the ground coffee beans just before it is brewed. I use a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon but adjust to your taste. It won't be sweet as such but it tastes delicious. 

  • Try adding a stick of cinnamon or a few pieces of dried cut cinnamon with your stored beans to infuse the flavor and magic. Add these with intention!

{ Want to know more? }

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Let's have some fun. Here are some spells and rituals that use our witchy coffee.


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