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{ Psychic Pick Me Up }

Everyone knows that coffee is used as a morning wake up or an afternoon pick me up. It revives and recharges us when we are tired. But did you know that coffee can be used as a psychic pick me up? This is especially good for empaths, healers and people who are getting over a physical illness

  • Our attitude, thoughts and emotions are very important! 

{ To Psychically Replenish Yourself }

The aroma of coffee is what we are after here, so the method is very simple. Brew yourself a strong cup of coffee and slowly and deeply inhale the aroma. Spend a minute or so just breathing. 

  • You can definitely drink the coffee afterwards, but you don't have to, that is up to you - the aroma is key here. 

{ Add To Your Morning Ritual }

You're probably thinking to yourself, why not do this with every cup? Absolutely! This is a great idea to add to your morning ritual. Spend a minute inhaling the coffee aroma to recharge your energy before starting the day. You could even stir your intention at the same time. 

{ After A Difficult Day }

If you've had a particularly hard day, end the day with a strong coffee psychic replenishment.

  • If coffee tends to keep you awake, remember you don't need to drink it. 

{ Want to know more? }

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