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{ What Are Resins? }

Resin is undiluted and unaltered sap from trees. They release an intense scent and are considered “top shelf” incense in comparison to sticks and cones. Resins have been used since at least 1500 BC in incense for healing, meditation, protection, purification and ritual. 

{ What Are Resins Used For? }

Resins are used in various ways in witchcraft, including:

Be careful not to over-grind as resin can become sticky!

{ Using Resins As Incense }

To burn resins on a charcoal disc, you will need:

  • A charcoal disc
  • A vessel that will be safe for high temperatures (a cauldron, an incense pot, a ceramic bowl or an ashtray) 
  • A fireproof surface (a tile, trivet etc)
  • A bit of sand, white ash or salt to the bottom
Please note, you need to buy charcoal discs/tablets that are specific for incense – BBQ charcoal will produce noxious fumes. 

{ Lighting The Charcoal Disc }

  1. Charcoal discs are self-igniting as they contain saltpetre (potassium nitrate) which makes them stay lit. As soon as you light it, you will see tiny sparks appear. 
  2. You can place the charcoal inside the vessel and use a long lighter, or hold with tongs and light over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. 
  3. Burn both sides for a few second to light and get an even burn. It takes about 5 minutes for the charcoal to burn through and turn an ashy white/grey. 
  4. If you put a bit of ash or salt on top of the charcoal itself, it will disperse the heat and make the burning period slower. 
  5. Simply place a few pieces of resin on top when the disc is ready. 


  • The easiest way to light the charcoal is by holding it with tongs over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. 

{ Disposal }

Be careful when disposing – it can be hot hours later and too hot to touch or put in a plastic bin, so do it the following day. Or better yet - 

  • Start saving your incense ashes! These are packed with your own energy and are very powerful to use in black salt. 

{ Types Of Resins }

Different Resins have different correspondences and are used for specific purposes in spellwork, meditation or ritual.

Frankincense: a good starter all-purpose resin is frankincense – it is for purification, meditation, protection, astral strength, psychic abilities, attracting good luck, courage and dispelling negativity. 

Copal: Copal is a sweet resin, with a soft warming fragrance. It is a lovely cleansing resin, which is used to stimulate creativity and attract love.

Myrrh: Myrrh is good for protection, purification, healing and enhancing  magical potency. 

Dragon's Blood: Dragon's Blood is good for empowerment, purification, protection, consecrations and meditations. 

Incense Blends: make your own incense using different combinations of resins and herbs, and even add 2-3 drops of oils or liquid resin.

{ Resin Incense Blends }

Prosperity Incense Blend: combine benzoin resin, mint, basil and cinnamon, again in a half resin / half herbal ratio. 

Protection Incense Blend: frankincense, copal, benzoin, dragon’s blood and myrrh. 

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