Salt Clearing Ritual


Purification  Cleanse • Protection 

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{ Sea Salt }

Sea Salt is a very handy witchy tool to keep with your supplies. We sell salt in inexpensive bulk sizes, so stock up! Sea Salt is a spiritual cleansing agent that:
  • absorbs negative energy
  • cleanses and purifies your space
  • is used in protection
  • repels unwanted spirits.
The combination of water and salt will absorb any negative and unwanted energy. Himalayan Salt is similar to the white pantry kind of salt (mostly composed of sodium chloride but with other therapeutic ingredients like magnesium) and can also be used in ritual work and space clearing as it purifies and detoxes. 


{ Required }

  • 4 small containers or bowls 
  • Sea salt
  • Water

    { Method }

    • In each container, mix one part water to one part salt (1:1 ratio). 
    • Place the containers in each corner of the room you wish to clear and leave for at least 24 hours. 
    • After this time has passed, flush the contents of each container down the toilet. 
    • Repeat if needed, or move onto another room. 




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