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{ Cacao Ceremony Incense Blend }

This is a beautiful cacao ceremony incense blend I have been using lately in meditation for self love, opening the heart, and releasing negative emotions which block energy flow.

{ Ingredients }

It is a blend of just 3 ingredients:

Just experiment with different quantities of each, and grind in a mortar & pestle and burn over a charcoal disc in a cauldron or fire safe bowl. 

  • The easiest way to light the charcoal disc is by holding it with tongs over a candle. Just be careful, it burns very hot. Tongs are life changing! 

{ Botanical Ingredients }

  • Damiana: Damiana leaves are used for love, enhancing psychic growth, and removing negative energies.
  • Raw Cacao Shells: Raw Cacao shells are used to promote love, passion and enlightenment. It encourages inner reflection and enhances spirituality.
  • Copal Resin : Copal is a sweet resin, with a soft warming fragrance. It is a lovely cleansing resin, which is used to stimulate creativity and attract love.

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