Spell Accelerating With Coffee


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Visit our collection of Witches' Brew Coffee in the store. What could be better for coffee spells & rituals than our own witchy coffee! 

{ Coffee Is Magic }

Everyone knows coffee is a mild stimulant, helping us get coffee in the morning - improving mental performance, alertness, attention and concentration. But magically, coffee is also a spell stimulant. 

  • Simply add ground coffee to any spell to speed up results, or to give it an extra kick. 

{ Get Yourself A Small Jar }

  • Basically - add a pinch of coffee to anything that needs a bit of a extra kick or faster results! 

I like to keep a small jar of ground coffee with my herbs and spice jars. You only need small jar, and top it up with fresh grounds as needed.

This is handy for adding a pinch to:

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Let's have some fun. Here are some spells and rituals that use our witchy coffee.

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