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{ What Is A Spell Bag? }

A spell bag (alternatively called a mojo bag, charm pouch, gris gris bag, conjure bag) is a charm or spell in a pouch which is carried around with you or hung somewhere, depending on the purpose. 



{ What Is In A Spell Bag? }

All spell bags are made basically the same, regardless of the purpose, just the items themselves will change. So once you understand the process you can make a spell bag for anything you want.

A spell bag requires:

  • A pouch
  • A crystal
  • An object that symbolises what the bag is for
  • A taglock (fingernail clipping, hair, blood or spit)
  • A piece of paper with the written intention 
  • A herb mixture
  • A crystal for protection to ward off negative energy (e.g. obsidian)
  • Any other items you want 

{ The Pouch }

The pouch itself can be bought or handmade, and the color of the fabric should match the purpose.

For example:

  • Green: for prosperity, luck, wealth
  • Red: for love, passion, courage
  • Black: for protection, banishing negativity, discipline

    { Spell Bag Contents }

    Fill the spell bag with various items that correspond with your intention.

    • Commonly, there should be an uneven number of objects in the pouch, and between 3-13 items - but you do what feels right for you. 

     Examples of items to include:

    • resins
    • roots
    • dirt
    • graveyard dirt
    • seeds
    • leaves
    • beans
    • herbs
    • shells
    • bones
    • candle wax
    • crystals
    • coins
    • trinkets
    • jewellery
    • amulets
    • talismans
    • keys
    • taglock (hair, nail clippings, blood)


    { Ritual: Making The Spell Bag }

    There are loads of different rituals for making a spell bag, but they will follow a similar formula.
    1. Bless / cleanse the items and visualise the intention and desired outcome as they are placed in the bag. You can even talk to the bag as you make it. 
    2. Once the items are inside, sew it up or tie it with a colourful ribbon or cord (use a long cord if you want to wear the bag). 
    3. The bag is then smoke cleansed with incense or sage, sprinkled with salt water to clean it, anointed with oil, and then passed over a candle flame. 
    4. The final step is to breathe upon your spell bag to activate
    5. Keep your spell bag hidden and do not let anyone else touch it. 
    6. When you are finished with your spell bag, it is best to give thanks and bury it. 

    { Feeding And Dressing }

    Don’t forget this important step in making your spell bag. This is on a daily or weekly basis.

    • Feed the spell bag with oils and herbs. Dress the spell pouch with a few drops of oil, good alcohol or perfume. 


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