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{ Folklore }

Tea Leaf Reading or Tasseomancy has been used for centuries to see what the future holds or to receive clarity and visions on problems. 

{ Required }

    • Something to boil water in
    • Loose leaf tea
    • A spoon
    • A tea cup with a white or light interior and preferably wide to see better  

      { Ritual }

      1. While the water is boiling, bless the pot by saying whatever words you choose. Words you make up yourself are more personal and therefore usually more effective. You can use words such as: “ Cleansed and blessed are thee, Water pure so mote it be”
      2. Put a spoonful of tea leaves in the bottom of the cup (before the water has been added).
      3. Focus on your question or issue while you stir the dry leaves. 
      4. Pour the boiling water in and stir for a minute more, still focusing on your question
      5. Slowly sip the tea until there is only a small amount of liquid left
      6. Swirl the liquid clockwise three times, cover the cup and "swoosh" the liquid up the sides. 

        { Reading }

        Use your imagination to see a shape in the leaves, the first interpretation is often the most correct.


        Some associations may be obvious:

        • birds mean good omens
        • key means new ventures coming


        Some associations may need to be looked up in a book or online:

        • a triangle means good karma
        • a sharp object warns of danger

        Keep a Tasseomancy journal and write down your reading after each time. You can even meditate on the meaning of each reading, and write that down too. A journal helps uncover patterns, and you see where events were predicted. 



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