Tool Lore: Broomstick


Floor Sweep  Banishment • Fertility 

{ Folklore }

Traditionally, witches kept a broomstick near the hearth to prevent evil spirits from entering the house. 


{ Types Of Broomsticks }

The broomstick was named after the broom plant, and alternatively is called a besom or just a broom. It has become an easily recognizable symbol of witchcraft, and a memorial to the Witch Trials and Burning Times.


Like everything, there is much variation in the look and the usage of broomsticks and it up to you what you prefer to use. 
  • Some witches use fancy decorated broomsticks, often these are hand-carved and hand-made
  • There are small altar broomsticks (pictured)
  • Looser single-use broomstick
  • There are ritual-only broomsticks which never actually touch the floor
  • Some witches use broomsticks that double as the normal household sweeping broom

    { What Are Broomsticks Made With? }

    The most common type of broomstick woods are:
    • ash stick - as it is said to provide the most protection
    • willow twigs - as willow belongs to Hecate.
    Birch twigs are often wrapped around the stick to provide extra protection.


    { Spellwork }

    Broomsticks are used in many types of spell work, including:
    • Floor washes / sweeps 
    • Protection
    • Banishment
    • Fertility
    • Weather
    • Happy marriages
    • Cleansing
    • Purifying an area
    • In honour of certain deities


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